Reading council housing improvements and HMO plan approved

The week saw four applications approved by the council’s planning committee.

As well as agreeing to facade changes and the addition of 38 flats to Soane Point, and the demolition of the Carters store to be replaced with 60 homes, councillors also agreed to convert a house into a home of multiple occupation (HMO) near the town centre.

Reading Borough Council’s planning committee met on Wednesday, February 1.

You can view the applications in detail by typing their references in brackets into the council’s planning portal.

Improvements to council housing in the Hexham Road estate 221649


Improvements to council housing in the Hexham Road estate in Whitley have been approved.

Here, the planning committee approved the council’s housing department’s plan to make external and internal changes to 56 Bamburgh Close.

Approved changes include altering the external appearance of the building, removing internal walls within communal halls and making insulation improvements by fitting new windows and doors.

Welcoming the project, Jan Gavin (Labour, Caversham) said: “These buildings were built in the 1960s, and no doubt when they were built they were built with the most modern materials and were thought to be cutting edge, but they are tired, they are inefficient, and they’re ours.

“The’re Reading Borough Council’s and they need to be upgraded, they need to be properly insulated, they need new proper windows that fit and will keep residents warm.”

Conversion of house into HMO approved (220028)


The conversion of 62 Goldsmid Road near the town centre was first discussed at a committee meeting in December 2022.

At that time, concerns were raised about access to daylight and ventilation for the kitchen area.

To address the concerns, the applicant Mrs A Daby agreed to adjust the plan by including an additional rooflight over the kitchen, and an additional external window to the side of the kitchen.

Approval means the two-bedroom house can be converted into a six-bedroom HMO.

An existing outbuilding will be demolished to make way for a two-storey rear extension.

Two storey extension for Emmer Green home (221846)

Reading Chronicle: An illustrative visual for what the front of 8 Wetherby Close in Emmer Green could look like. Credit: Outset Think

Credit: Outset Think


Designs show an entirely new frontage for the house, which would require a rebuild of the existing dormer.

The addition would provide enlarged living quarters at the home, with three options for the interior contained in the design access statement for the proposal.

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